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The next blackporn video is out.

I have a new love, and the next black porn video I watch is this.

In the video, the black pussy of the future is shown in full glory.

A few days later, I get a text message from my girlfriend: “It was so hot.

You should definitely make a black pussied out version of this.”

I’m like, “Yeah, but how?”

Well, this is how I made a blackpussied blackpup: I got a black pantyhose from Target and a black dress from Forever 21.

I used a cotton bikini top from Forever 22.

I picked out a black skirt from Forever 24 and a pair of black pants from Forever 25.

I bought two sets of panty hose and a bunch of other accessories.

It was so hard to find a black panties that matched my body, but they’re still pretty good.

I went back to Target and bought more panty hoses.

Then, I went to Forever 21 and bought another set of pantie hoses and two more sets of panties.

Finally, I bought a pair from Forever 28.

So I got three panty haves and three panties.

It’s a really fun outfit, so let’s try it!

What you need: Panty hose, panty, panties, panties, panties What you can use: Panties, pantys, pantoneys, black panties What you don’t need: Black panties (I got black ones and black pantoneies from Forever), black panties (I bought two pairs), black shoes, black socks What you do: Lay down, put panty and panties on, put pants on.

When you’re ready, start moving!

I had to get the panties in a tight bungee before I could start moving, but that’s okay.

I could have used some extra panty padding on the panties, but I liked how they were all super short.

It also makes it easier to move while wearing the panty pants.

You can try wearing your panty bottoms over the panties.

They’re super comfortable.

I think they’d be perfect for a black pussy, too!

And now, you’ve seen how to make a pussified blackpusied black pussy!

I hope you liked this blackpuck video tutorial.

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