Photo Albums

Apple and Google are both making it easy to upload images, but one company has a different approach.

The New York Times has written about how the Apple Photos app allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos, and you can create albums and share them with friends and family. 

Apple Photos is available on both Mac and iOS devices, and it has an official iOS app, but you can also access the site on both iOS and Android devices through a variety of web-based apps.

Here’s how to get started.1.

Find the app and log in with your Google account. 

The first step is to log in to your Google Account and then click on the app icon in the top right corner of the screen. 

Once you do this, you should see a list of Google apps. 

You can choose one of them to start with and then tap on the icon to begin uploading photos. 

When you have completed the initial steps of uploading photos to the Google Photos app, the app will ask for your permission to begin taking photos.

If you’re new to Google Photos, you may want to sign in with a Google account that’s not already linked to your Gmail account.2.

Click on the Google Plus icon on the top-right of the page. 

On the left-hand side of the app, click on Photos. 

If you’re viewing the Google+ Photos page on your phone, you can click the + icon to bring up a menu with options to add a photo to a photo album or add a group of photos.

You can add a caption or a picture. 

 You should also click the Share icon to share your photo on Google Plus. 


Click the + button to add an image. 

Click on the thumbnail icon in your photo album to add it to the album. 

From the photos you’ve added to your album, select Add New Photo and then scroll down to the bottom of the photo album.

You’ll see a section titled Add Album, then select a photo. 

In the Add Album section, choose an image you want to add to the Album. 


You may be prompted to sign into your Google+ account before you can add photos.

In this case, click Yes. 


Choose which albums to add photos to and then add photos from the album you selected. 

There are two main options for adding photos to your albums: 1.

Create an album from an image in your album.

 You’ll find an option called Album Albums in the Google+.

app on both iPhone and iPad.2, Add Albums and Select a Photo. 

By default, your Google Plus account will add your photos to a single album.

This will be the first album you create. 

Selecting an album will allow you to choose which albums you want Google Photos to add your photo to. 

For this step, select the albums you’re adding your photos from. 


Add a caption to your photo.

You’ll be asked to select the title, caption, and photo for your photo, and the image you’d like to use as the caption. 

Enter the title for your caption in the box that appears in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

If your caption is too long, it will appear as a grayed out word. 

Make sure the picture you choose fits in the space allotted for your text, and click Ok. 8.

Select your photo from the albums that Google Photos has created. 


Click Add Photo.10.

Choose the location you’d rather have your photo uploaded to, and then select the image from the Album Album to upload. 


Choose a time period to upload your photo: Select a time range of 10 minutes to 1 hour, 5 minutes to 30 minutes, and 15 minutes to 3 hours. 


If the app asks you to enter a description for your photos, click Add Description. 


Choose to save your photo as an album or share it to a social media service. 


Add your photos and caption to the photo on the Photos page of the Google.

app on your iPhone or iPad. 


You should see your photos uploaded.

You’re now ready to share them. 

To share a photo on social media, select Share Photo and enter your Facebook or Twitter username.

You will need to set up a password and confirm your username before you’re able to share. 


On the Photos screen, select New Album and then Add Album.17.

When you’re ready to start sharing photos, select Post Photo and click Add Photo to add the photo to your Album Album.18. 

As you share your photos on social networks, you’ll see your photo and caption in your feed.

You might see a message saying that the photo has been shared, but if you click Yes, you will be prompted for your Facebook

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