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In a move that may have been a little bit premature, the NFL has changed its name to the National Football League.

The league is still called the NFL.

The NFL is now the National Basketball Association.

The National Hockey League is the National Hockey Conference.

And the National Soccer League is now called the National Sports League. 

For a long time, the term NFL meant the National Professional Soccer League.

But the NBA is now known as the National American Soccer League and the National Women’s Soccer League as the American Soccer Association.

And now the NBA will be called the NBA. 

The name change comes a day after the league announced it had signed a new five-year, $1 billion broadcast rights deal with ESPN.

The NBA, which has won four of the past five NBA titles, said it is “excited to continue our long-standing partnership with ESPN” for the next decade. 

In a statement, the NBA said it hopes the new deal “will continue to serve as a model for the growth of the NBA and our league.” 

As part of the deal, the league will pay $25 million per season for the duration of the agreement, and ESPN will pay ESPN $100 million annually for the remaining three years of the partnership. 

ESPN also announced a new partnership with the NBA’s new regional TV network, the Basketball-Reference Network, that will help the league reach a larger audience and more viewers. 

“The NBA’s national television network has been a tremendous asset to the league, and we are very excited to continue working with ESPN and its partners in the years to come,” said Kevin Pritchard, president and CEO of ESPN. 

This move is also a boon for the league.

The new deal is one of the most lucrative in league history.

In 2014, the agreement brought in a record $1.5 billion in revenue for the NBA, and it is expected to bring in another $2.6 billion this season. 

But it will also have a big impact on how much money the league makes.

The team that finishes in first in the NBA standings will receive $250 million, the top two teams in the conference will get $150 million, and the second-place team will get nothing. 

All told, the new TV deal will be worth $5.7 billion.

That’s up from $3.6 trillion the league made in 2014, according to ESPN.

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