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Boudoir photographer Aisling Burnes says she was raped by two men in Thailand.

Burnes, who lives in Bangkok, said she was working in the resort city of Phuket when she was attacked on August 20.

The men attacked her as she was about to take a photo of herself with her boyfriend, Burnes said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Burne said she had to be taken to a hospital in Pattaya after she was sexually assaulted and she suffered a concussion and two broken ribs.

Burness told the AP that she was a model in Thailand, but she was forced to flee her home when she had sex with one of the men.

She says the man who assaulted her is still at large.

Burners sister, who is a model, says her sister’s ordeal is not over.

The two men who assaulted Aislling Burnes in Pattay, Thailand, are still at it.

Burns’ sister, Aisring Burnes is in the hospital in Phukets after being sexually assaulted in Pattanakkorn on August 19.

She is the first victim of human traffickers and other sexual assault to be publicly identified.

“I am in shock.

The only thing that will make me feel better is if there are other victims,” she said.

Aislinger Burnes told the Associated Press that she is in shock at the attack.

“This has happened to me before and I have been raped by a man before.

I have never seen that happen before.

It is a very disturbing story,” Burnes’ sister said.

Burnell said she has been able to escape her attackers and get help.

“They have been using this situation to get a job and to get money.

It’s very difficult to escape these kinds of attacks,” she told the newspaper.

Burnel says she has had enough.

“The only thing I can do is not give up,” she added.

She said she plans to write a book about her experiences.

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