Photo Albums

Washington (AP) — Baby photo albums have been on the chopping block for decades.

But a new digital technology has the opportunity to change that.

The new system is a kind of virtual book that will allow parents to share pictures and videos of their kids with their friends.

It’s part of a new breed of digital photo albums that have become increasingly popular in the last year.

“It’s a really fun concept, and it’s definitely a really unique opportunity to have a baby’s photo album,” said Amanda Stoll, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Southern California.

The book, called Baby Photo Albums, is being developed by the startup The Baby Photos, a company based in New York that was founded by two parents who have two young children.

“We were just excited about this concept, but it’s also really interesting to see how much the technology can help us,” said the company’s CEO, Adam Condon.

Baby Photo Album will allow mothers to share photos and videos with friends on social media.

It will also allow people to create an album of their own photos.

“We want to bring a lot of these people in and give them a place to share their images,” said Condon, whose company is also working on a new version of the app called Photo Book.

The company plans to have it available in the next couple of weeks.

Parents can also use the app to share and recommend pictures of their children, the company said.

Parents can choose from three categories of photos: portraits, videos and stills.

Photos will be posted automatically to social media accounts, allowing them to easily share them with friends.

Parents will also be able to choose to have their child’s photos taken.

If a parent chooses to post a photo to Facebook, it will be tagged in the feed with the hashtag #babyalbum.

The app has not yet been developed for babies under the age of 3.

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