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A little-noticed change at Apple could change the smartphone landscape forever.

The company’s CEO Tim Cook has made it clear that he wants to get rid of the company’s smartphone-centric business model, a strategy that Apple’s competitors are already doing to varying degrees.

Cook has said the company wants to focus more on the phone as a platform for software, services and advertising, and he has also made clear that the company is looking to change the way it thinks about the smartphone business.

Cook said in a blog post that the smartphone will be a “key driver of our future success.”

“I’m here to tell you that we’re not going to be a phone company,” Cook wrote.

Apple is already using software to help businesses manage their mobile apps, and Cook has also been pushing Apple Watch, a smartwatch that integrates with apps. “

That’s what we’re going for.”

Apple is already using software to help businesses manage their mobile apps, and Cook has also been pushing Apple Watch, a smartwatch that integrates with apps.

Cook said Apple will also be working on apps that connect directly to the cloud, so the company will not need to depend on the hardware of an existing device to manage apps.

Cook’s remarks came just two days after he spoke to reporters about the future of Apple, calling the company a “world leader” in the mobile space and saying the company was making progress in the business.

But it was a little-known change that Apple made in the company statement that caught our attention.

“We need to create a platform that makes the world a better place.

We don’t want to be seen as the phone company, and we want to take the phone forward as a key driver of Apple’s future success,” Cook said.”

This is not the way we’ve always done things.”

Cook is not alone in his thinking.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who took over as CEO in June, has been talking up the smartphone as a driver of the future.

Apple has been doing this in other ways, too.

In a recent interview with TechCrunch, Pichari said Apple was looking to build a “mobile first, cloud second” strategy, which would focus on helping companies manage their digital assets in the cloud rather than in their smartphones.

Pichari also said the iPhone would be a key part of the platform for Google’s mobile services, including search and its own Google Play Store.

Apple’s app stores will be part of Google’s “always-on” infrastructure, which means they will also have access to all of Google Play’s apps.

We asked Picharelli about Cook’s comments, and his response is pretty revealing.

Pacharelli told us that Cook is “absolutely right” to think about the phone becoming a “platform for software” as a way to get things done.

He also noted that Apple will have a big role to play in the future, and said he wants Apple to be the “world’s most important smartphone company.”

“We are building our future on the basis of the power of the iPhone, not just because we’re the best in the world at that,” Pacharello said.

“And that’s exactly the way the iPhone was designed, so we’re making sure that the iPhone is a key player in our future.”

Picharello, who is also the CEO of a company called Google Ventures, said that Apple is in the midst of a “huge pivot” in its mobile strategy, but that the shift is not just about the iPhone.

“There are other mobile platforms that are growing in a similar way that we are.

We see Apple’s mobile platform as the future,” he said.

Pocharelli said Apple’s goal is to help the world’s leading tech companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon, as well as smaller startups like Apptive, work together to create “apps that will enable the next billion people to work more and more together in the digital world.”

Cook and Pichaei are now the company CEOs who are pushing for Apple to do this.

Apple’s shift toward a mobile-first approach has been under discussion since 2015, when Pichais head-hunted and then bought a startup called InVision.

Pichias recent purchase of Apple has also raised questions about whether the CEO has been using his personal wealth to do so.

In early 2019, Pachies son, Tim Cook, was asked about the idea of Apple moving toward a “one-to-one” relationship with the smartphone, and Tim said that the goal is for the company to be “as one of the leaders in the ecosystem.”

Tim also said that it is “the fastest way to grow revenue.”

While Apple is still trying to decide how it will go about this, it seems clear that Apple has decided that the “one to one” model is the way to go.

We would expect to see a lot more of the Apple brand and product being developed by Apple, not through partnerships with partners.

It’s clear that a lot of attention has been focused

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