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Vienroes is a French band that have been releasing music for some time.

The band has been producing and performing music in France for the past 10 years.

This year they released their third album, The Lost City of Vienros, which came out in April and is available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

I was excited to see how the album turned out.

It sounds great.

The band have released five albums and have been in the Paris music scene for about 10 years now.

They’re one of the French bands that have an international following and have performed on the international circuit.

I’m a big fan of bands like Black Veil Brides and the Flaming Lips.

They’ve done great work.

It’s also worth noting that they’ve been touring around the world with their own label, VienRose.

The Lost City Of Vienos is the band’s fourth album, which also has two singles and two songs written by the band.

The Lost Cities of Viens are also the title of the book The Lost Kingdom of Vienne, which was published by Foyles in 2014.

Vien roses fans have been clamoring for the band to make a new album for some years.

I knew that it was something that they’d been wanting to do for a while and that it would be a good fit.

They also released a record last year called Lost Cities.

The album is a tribute to Vien Roses and the Lost Cities Of Viens, the two cities in France that are both named after the Lost City in the book.

It includes songs that reflect Vien Rose’s life and places.

I think it’s very interesting.

I love the song “Hier” from Lost Cities, which is a song that’s about how I’ve been trying to remember my home town since I was a kid.

It really reflects on that.

The lost cities of viens are located in the north of France.

They are populated by the remnants of the original inhabitants of the lost cities.

This is a very beautiful area that has beautiful vietnamese and french paintings and statues, which are remnants of these people.

It is also the home of the famous French painter Renoir, who lived in Vien Roi from 1750 until his death in 1774.

It was an extremely beautiful place, but it was completely destroyed in the Civil War.

I also think it reflects how Vien Rouge people lived.

The song “Le Vie” is about how you need to go to the lost city to remember your hometown, and this is an anthem to the people who survived.

It also reflects on the power of the people of Vieres to fight for their freedom.

The album also has “The Lost Country,” a song about the loss of freedom in the world and the power that people have to bring about change.

It has also a beautiful video about the history of Vieuros and Vien.

The Vienroe album is also a celebration of the music industry in France.

Vireores has released several albums that reflect their passion for the music business and the artists that they love to work with.

The music is very high-energy and energetic.

It speaks to me in a very direct way.

I think the album is very well crafted.

The producers of the album are also really good musicians.

They have a lot of great talent, and they’re very experienced.

They were also able to put out a very strong album this year.

The last two albums by the Vireoes were also well received.

I loved their last album, and I thought that it is a real tribute to the music of Vireroes.

It seems like they’re taking things to a new level.

I know that Vien is a country that is quite proud of its music.

I’ve seen it play in Paris.

I hope that Vire Rouge will continue to be a very important French artist in the future.

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