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If you can find a safe and secure place to keep your money, then it’s time to put it where your eyes can see it, says Ben Kirtley, chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority.

But it’s not just about your cash, he says.

“It’s also about the other things you have that you want to keep, and it’s about the security and privacy of that stuff.”

For example, keeping a credit card at home may not be ideal, but it’s worth keeping your bank account safe and accessible.

And keep your mobile phone and computer secure as well, with strong passwords and encryption.

“Your bank is probably more secure than most people’s home,” Kirtle says.

He says that a small amount of cash can make a big difference.

“You can be a victim of crime, or get your phone stolen,” he says, adding that he’d “probably” like to see a better password policy for financial institutions.

Kirtly says there’s also a financial benefit to keeping a physical safe at home.

“If you have your car keys, you can lock your doors, and that’s one of the ways you can protect yourself against a thief,” he explains.

“But you don’t have a car at home to do it.”

That means it’s important to keep that safe at a safe place where people can see your wallet and cards, and they can’t be accessed without your consent.

“What you can do is take the keys from your car, put them on a plate in the car, or have someone else do it for you, and lock it up,” Kiserly says.

If you’ve already put money in your bank, you may want to consider keeping that in your own account, rather than keeping it in a safe, says Kirtles partner, Simon Gifford, from Kirtleys company, The Financial Institution Advisory Group.

“There are a number of factors that go into that decision,” he tells BBC News.

“First of all, if you are a business, and you are planning to start a business and want to have that money in that account, then you have to be very careful.”

The other factor is the security of the bank account, Kirtlies partner says.

You can be robbed, and the bank may be reluctant to let you out of the premises if you do, he adds.

“In the future, we may see that card used for money laundering and that card being used for a lot of crimes,” Giffords says. “

When you have a card, it’s like a security blanket that keeps the rest of the world at a distance,” he adds, pointing out that if you don the same, then someone might be able to get in and take your card and wallet.

“In the future, we may see that card used for money laundering and that card being used for a lot of crimes,” Giffords says.

Kirtsley says that the most important thing is to stay on top of your financial security, and to keep an eye out for any possible scams.

“The people who are trying to sell you things, the people who have been offering you things that are fraudulent, or the people that are trying that will never buy from you,” he stresses.

“That’s the key, that’s the reason why you should be paying attention.”

Kirt and Giffds advice: What you need to know about how to keep cash safely and securely [BBC News]

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