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An image of the dead soldier lying face down on a ground floor corridor floor, with his head covered in dust, has gone viral.

It was shared more than a million times and was taken by the widow of an American soldier killed in Iraq in 2005.

“My husband was in his first deployment to Afghanistan,” said the widow, Jennifer, in an interview with ABC News.

In the image, the soldier, dressed in fatigues, lies face down in the corridor floor.

The widow told ABC News that she felt she had to share the image to highlight the dangers of soldiers dying in Iraq.

ABC News: How to keep the public safe in an age of mass shootingsThe image has sparked outrage on social media and prompted questions about the ethics of the images that have been shared.

Critics say it is a graphic image of a dead soldier’s lifeless body and that the images could be used by criminals and terrorists to incite violence.

Jennifer Holson said she believed she had a duty to share her husband’s death and that she would not do so if she could not share the photograph.

“We can never have the moral high ground when it comes to death,” she said.

“My only hope is that this photograph and these images will bring the world some much needed understanding and understanding of what happens when soldiers are killed.”

If you look at the soldiers that were killed, they were not going to take anything for granted.

“Jennifer Holnesson told ABC that the image is one of the reasons she decided to share it on social networking sites.

She said the image had prompted her to make a plea to people around the world to share and educate on the dangers posed by images of dead soldiers.

For Jennifer Holness, sharing her husband John’s body is part of a personal responsibility.”

I’ve been on this journey, I’ve been through all the battles that this war has taken, and that’s what my wife and I are trying to do is bring awareness to the fact that you can’t live forever and that death does happen, and you have to take steps to protect yourself and your family,” she told ABC.ABC News has contacted Holson for comment.

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