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In a world where your favorite band will probably never get a record deal, it can be easy to forget that many people will never be able to afford a new album.

But now, a new digital collection of albums by the likes of Korn and the Flaming Lips will be made available through Spotify.

The new “Next Big Future” collection, which will also include singles from the likes, is a collection of new music that can be listened to at home or via Spotify, but the most notable thing about the new album is that it will be available for free.

As you can see in the photos above, the collection includes a bunch of tracks that are only available through streaming.

This is just the beginning for this collection, as Spotify will be adding a few more artists and albums to the catalog over the next few weeks.

These artists will likely be released in the near future, as the company has been steadily adding new artists since its acquisition of music streaming service Deezer.

But you can get a feel for what is coming down the pipeline by looking at the artist images below.

In addition to the artists mentioned above, there are some other notable artists in the collection.

While most of the songs in the album are in the rock genre, there’s also some music that is reminiscent of alternative rock, dubstep, and even some country music.

The collection also includes covers of songs by other artists, and while most of these songs are covers of existing songs, there is also some new songs that are brand new.

It’s a fun way to get your hands on some great music from the last few years.

There are also plenty of other songs in this collection that were recorded by the same artists, but are never released as part of the album.

The album has been available on Spotify for some time now, and now you can listen to the entire collection in its entirety at Spotify.

Spotify says the collection will be “accessible to everyone,” and it will eventually be made free for all users.

If you’re interested in the music, there will be a full Spotify playlist of all the music in the Next Big Futures collection on December 5.

There is also a dedicated playlist for the songs that you can buy from the artist page on Spotify.

There is also an option to download the entire album for $0.99, and it’s available to everyone.

This collection of music was made available for a limited time, and Spotify is hoping to make it available again sometime soon.

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