Photo Albums

More than 70,000 graduation photos were taken during the 2016-2017 school year in Arizona.

Many of those photos were uploaded to Facebook, where some students shared them with friends.

Some photos were also shared to social media sites, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and Snapchat Stories.

Here’s what to know about how graduation photos are stored and shared.

What are graduation photos?

Graduation photos are used for graduation ceremonies, graduation ceremonies are used by teachers, and graduation ceremonies for students are used as graduation gifts.

Some graduation photos have been deleted.

Why did Arizona students choose to share graduation photos online?

The answer is simple: They want to share the photos with others, including friends, who can view the photos and decide if they’re the one they want to receive.

What do students get for sharing graduation photos with friends?

Graduations can be an occasion for the family, a time for family photos, or a moment to remember loved ones.

Some of the photos that students have shared online include:A graduation gift for a student who graduated in 2016A graduation present for a family member who graduated this yearA graduation photo for a friend who graduated that yearWhat happens if a graduation photo gets deleted?

A school administrator can decide whether to remove the graduation photo.

If they don’t remove the photo, the student may still receive a copy of it.

If a graduation picture gets deleted, students can still share graduation photo albums online.

The school can’t delete the photos themselves, though, so students can’t remove photos they’ve posted online.

What do graduation photos look like?

Graduated students who shared graduation photos can upload them to social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

A graduate photo on a Facebook profile has a date and a photo of the graduate.

For example, if a graduate is graduating this year, the photo will show the date of graduation and the graduation gift.

The photo may also have the year and photo number.

A graduation image on Instagram has the photo number and date of the graduation.

A photo on Snapchat shows the date and photo.

A graduation photo on Pinterest shows the photo.

For example, a graduate on Pinterest has the birthday of the person who graduated.

A graduated student who posted graduation photos on Snapchat showed the person’s birthday.

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