Photo Albums

A vertical photo album for Kolkatans with the vertical photo of graduation photo is in the pipeline, said Principal of a public school, Kajalika Krishnan.

The student will be given an assignment and can upload the photos of the graduation ceremony and other events.

The photo of the graduating student will also be given as an attachment in the photo album.

“We are not yet ready to share the photo of our graduates with the students, but the photo will be uploaded soon,” Krishnan said.

“The students will be able to upload their photos and we will create a vertical photo folder in the future.”

The vertical photo photo album will be available for students to upload at their convenience.

“There is no need for them to send us their own photos,” she added.

Krishnan did not elaborate further on the possible features of the vertical image photo album and said students would have to be informed of the feature.

A vertical photo in a horizontal photo A vertical photograph has been around for sometime in India and it has been used by students to show their graduation ceremony pictures.

The vertical photos in a horizontally photo can be a source of pride and joy to a young person and can be used to give the graduation a special status, said Krishnan, adding that the vertical images have also been used to make graduation more visually appealing.

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