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President Donald Trump on Wednesday said the media has “the biggest problem” he has with the press because they don “don’t tell [the truth]”.

Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, the President said: “I think the biggest problem, by far, is the media.

They’re not telling the truth.

They don’t cover it.

They keep on telling you that everything is great, they have such great deals.

The media, they don�t tell the whole truth.

It�s a terrible, terrible problem.”

The President also said the biggest challenge facing the media, in his opinion, is that “they don’t know what they�re talking about” and said that he would not allow the media to be “the enemy”.

“I don�m going to be the enemy of the press.

I�ll tell the media the truth,” he said.

The President added that he does not consider the press a �enemy of the people’ and said, “They are the enemy.”

“They should be embarrassed by it, but that�s OK,” he added.

“They�re the enemy.

They should be ashamed of it.”

The president was asked if the media was a �cancer’ that has “turned the country into a cancerous cesspool”.

“The press is a cancer.

They�re a cancer that is destroying our country, our economy, our freedom,” he replied.”

If you don�te tell the true story, we�ll have no democracy.

We�re going to have chaos.”

Trump said that the media must be “thoroughly investigated” and “reached for the truth” in order to have a fair hearing.

“We�re not going to allow our country to become a cancer or a cancer like we�re had in the last two years,” he continued.

“They�ll never get it.

We are not going away.”

The Press Freedom Act, which the President signed into law in January, was signed into legislation in March of 2017.

It prohibits the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from censoring or restricting the media and also requires the FCC to “provide appropriate and timely notice” of any proposed changes to regulations.

The press freedom act is the culmination of years of efforts by members of the President�s own administration and media organizations to promote transparency, accountability and accountability in government.

Trump has long touted the press as the “enemy of our country” and has repeatedly attacked the press during his presidency.

In a speech to the Republican National Convention in 2020, he said the press has “tremendous power”, that the press “disinformation” and that the “mainstream media” “are a menace to our country.”

In February 2018, Trump attacked CNN and MSNBC, calling them “fake news” and claiming they had a “very bad reputation” and an “unfair reputation” in the media as well.

The President also referred to the press in a series of tweets in November 2017 as “disgusting” and �a bunch of clowns” for reporting on the Russia investigation.

The White House press office did not respond to a request for comment.

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