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I recently received a note from an individual who is currently traveling to a place called Jordan, which is currently occupied by ISIS.

In the note, the individual described his experience in Jordan as a “disaster waiting to happen.”

The note described the situation as a humanitarian crisis.

This individual had been in the country for over a year, and he had a passport.

This person had traveled to Jordan a couple of years prior to the Trump travel ban, and had visited the country a number of times.

His story was that the current situation there was worse than that of Jordan.

The person also mentioned that he was aware that he could face discrimination if he were to enter the country.

However, he said that he felt it was the duty of the American government to protect him.

The note went on to describe a situation where he was not even allowed to touch the water or food or even drink from the tap.

I asked the individual if he would be willing to speak to the White House and see if they could arrange an interpreter for him.

The man responded by saying he would.

The White House had previously said it would not accommodate the request.

I was curious as to how this individual felt about this.

I thought about how his situation was far worse than the situation in Jordan.

However he told me he was glad he had the opportunity to speak with the White Houses representatives.

What I found was that this individual was very passionate about his country and wanted the administration to know he was a U.S. citizen.

He also shared that his wife had been arrested in Jordan for supporting ISIS.

He also said that there had been numerous cases of Americans being detained in Jordan by Jordanian officials for simply wanting to visit their country.

This individual also stated that he had never felt so alone and afraid.

I think this individual will continue to speak out against the travel ban and any other discriminatory policies of the Trump Administration.

I am confident that the American people will continue voicing their opinions on this issue, as the Trump Administrations policies are harming the lives of innocent Americans.

In the end, I found the man’s story to be very heartwarming.

I feel like he did have a point about the current predicament in Jordan, but I also found his story to have a very hopeful outlook.

What do you think about this situation?

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