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Newsweek is hosting an ultrasound photo-gallery event in New York City, where you can get a glimpse of what a ultrasound will look like, and get a peek at the ultrasound pictures that will come out.

The event, called “Ultrasight,” will be hosted by the Ultrasight Foundation and will take place on Sunday, March 18, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the P.S. 99, the New York Times reports.

The venue is being advertised as a place for “all those who want to share their ultrasound experience.”

You can view a few images below, but there are several more images to view, as well.

In the first image, you can see a man standing in the fetal position, while a woman is on her back, looking up at him from the ultrasound.

In the second, you’ll see a pregnant woman in her mid-30s standing in front of a computer screen.

There’s a man sitting behind a couch, while another woman is in the background.

You can see that the ultrasound photo is of a fetus, with the man standing.

In addition, you see the ultrasound image with the woman looking up.

You’ll also see the picture with the fetus on its side, and the one with the baby in the middle.

The photo-graphics feature will feature videos of a woman’s ultrasound, and a man’s ultrasound.

A woman will look up at a man and give him a thumbs-up.

You get a look at the fetal positioning of the man and the woman, as if they are standing there with their legs crossed, while the baby is on its stomach, and with the ultrasound picture showing the fetal location.

The woman will then give the thumbs-down.

There are several videos of women giving ultrasound photos, including a video showing one woman giving her husband an ultrasound and another woman giving a husband an Ultrasound photo.

The ultrasound video with the two women in the video will show a man giving his wife a thumbs up.

There will be another video of a man getting his wife an ultrasound, which will show her giving a thumbs down.

There are a few other videos of people giving ultrasound pictures.

The first video will feature a woman who gives a thumbsup and a woman giving the thumbsdown.

The second video will have a man who gives his wife thumbs-ups and a mother giving her son a thumbsdown, and then a man talking to a man in a car.

There is also a video of two men sitting on a couch with their arms crossed, and another showing a woman in a bathtub, as the man has a baby on his lap.

The images will be released to the public at the event, and there is a link on the Ultrasex Foundation website for people to see them.

Ultrasex is an international nonprofit organization, whose goal is to help people in developing countries with an ultrasound image to share it with the world.

Ulstrasex has previously been hosting ultrasound photo events in Singapore and Thailand, and it will also host a photo gallery event in Beijing, China.

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